Gambling In Seattle

Gambling In Seattle

The city of Seattle in Washington State is an energetic metropolitan hub set in a beautiful natural setting. The gambling in Seattle adds to the city’s charm. Locals and tourists alike are welcome to enjoy the thrills offered by casinos. But there are other ways to gamble in the city, there are sports betting, horse racing and many others. Gambling in Washington is very popular, especially in Seattle.

Casinos in Seattle
If you plan on gambling in Seattle, you will be pleased to know that the city has a total of 18 gambling facilities, including one casino cruise ship. There are a total of 1,220 gaming machines and roughly 160 gaming tables in these 18 locations. Gambling in Seattle is the largest in the entire state. Some of the better casinos in Seattle are within hotel complexes that are ideal for tourists. Gambling in Seattle is easier for tourists staying in these hotels as they are mere steps from where they are lodging. They can also enjoy the other hotel amenities such as restaurants, spas, discotheques and others.

The largest casino in the city in terms of slot machines and table games is the Holland American Line – Zuiderdam. The second largest is the Holland America Line – Volendam. In terms of size by square feet, the largest would be the Rascal’s Casino.

Casino Cruise Ships
Gambling in Seattle is even more made exciting by floating casinos or cruise ships with a built in casino. There are quite a number of them and they attract hordes of visitors daily. The cruise ships that leave the city offer a different form of relaxation and fun. The cabins are spacious and comfortable and the dining areas can seat a lot of people. Tourists can dine, sleep, cruise and play casino games in these ships. A popular experience is the Southern Elegance Casino Cruise.

The State Lottery and Others
Buying lottery tickets is a common activity for the locals and another form of gambling in Seattle. The tickets for the Washington Lottery can be purchased in most retail outlets and the draws are televised. For some people, buying a lottery ticket is part of their daily lives and their personal budgets. Sports betting is another way by which the people of Seattle try their luck. There are sports betting stations that accept bets on various sports including basketball, hockey, boxing and others. Betting can also be done through text messaging or through the Internet.

Online Casinos
The draw of American online casinos is not lost to the residents of Seattle. It is difficult to resist the fun that can come from placing bets on online casinos right at the comfort of their homes. All one needs is a credit card and an Internet connection and they can get the full experience of playing casino games practically anywhere. Some of the online casinos offer different slot games and table games including the very popular ones such as poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and others. Many casinos accept a wide range of payment option apart from credit or debit cards. Some of these options are bank wire transfers, money orders or the various online payment systems like Moneybookers.

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